Decoding Fibroblast Biology to Create Superior Therapeutics

About Mesintel

Fibroblasts are vital players in health and their dysfunction underlies numerous diseases. Mesintel has developed a proprietary target discovery platform that incorporates our extensive knowledge of fibroblast biology to accelerate the development of therapeutics in areas of high unmet medical need, including cancer and fibrosis. We are also leveraging our platform in complementary therapeutic areas, such as rare diseases, tissue regeneration and aging.

Our Approach

Mesintel is decoding fibroblast biology at an unprecedented pace through the use of cutting-edge single cell multi-omics, human disease-informed genetically engineered models, cellular lineage tracing, functional genomics and sophisticated computational approaches, including AI/ML. Our discovery engine has yielded foundational insights into the mechanisms underlying fibroblast dysfunction and identified innovative therapeutic targets for modifying fibroblast activity to affect health and disease.


T. Michael Underhill, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
and Chief Scientific Officer

Lesley Hill, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

R. Wilder Scott, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathon Jafari, M.Sc MBA

Chief Business Officer

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